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    Need to Insert linebreak after 64 letters in a long string.

    Lakshmikanth S_13

      Hi Friends,


      I am knew to CF - 11..I am trying to insert line break after 64 letters and dont know how to change below line. Kindly help. and also if possible please explain below line.

      <cfset outstr &= Mid(instr,p,64) & #Chr(13)#>





      My code as follows.


      <cfset instr = rereplace(arguments.value,"#chr(10)#","","all")>

          <cfset instr = rereplace(instr,"#chr(13)#","","all")>

        <cfset instr =trim(instr)>

      <cfloop from="1" to="#len(instr)#" index="p" step="64">

      <cfset outstr &= Mid(instr,p,64) & #Chr(13)#>



      currently I an getting a long string with a space after 64 letters as output.