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    physical storage problems on iPad pro, adobe sketch filled up memory


      Adobe sketch has filled a huge chunk of memory on the physical memory of my iPad pro


      App is updated to latest update V 3.4

      iPad updated to latest IOS

      Adobe sketch has filled up 102GB out of the 128GB of the total iPad storage


      I only have 5 full fledge decent drawings in the sketch app.


      All the drawings are backed up in the adobe assets cloud except for (one, most recent) of my drawings that won't upload

      Inside the app it keeps saying back up in progress but it never completes.

      I left the app open for a few hours but never completes that back up.


      The storage circle bar inside the bar is 206.6Mb/ 2Gb


      I would like to reinstall the app but i don't want to lose the progress of that one last drawing. the back up never completes.

      Please help.