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    Has Adobe invaded your computer too and been flagged as malware?


      To all Flash Forum members:


      Please respond if your computer is being invaded by Adobe's famous Flash Player update.


      Mine was invaded about 15 minutes ago, and this "update" immediately triggered a malware alert from Webroot Secure Anywhere, my Internet security program.  I closed the uninvited Adobe window, scanned my computer, and no threats were detected.


      Nevertheless, I find this offensive.  I don't use Flash, don't like Flash (and am not overly fond of Adobe or its uber-control business model, in case you haven't guessed), and am considering filing a cease and desist order with a local court here in PA if Adobe continues to invade my computer uninvited.


      Adobe eschews any contact from a customer, not providing phone support for any item to which one has not subscribed (since all of its products are never-ending subscriptions now), and keeps all others at arms length.  This is unprofessional, but typical of the behavior I've come to expect from this out-of-control behemoth of a corporation that seeks to own the customer outright, or however close to this it can get.


      Apologies for the rant...but if Adobe would simply provide me with an avenue to place a call to customer care and opt out of uninvited Flash updates, which my computer identifies as malware, I wouldn't have had to post such a strident comment.


      Word to the wise, Adobe:  Do not access my computer uninvited again.  If you want to have a discussion with me, please contact me at the email of record for the account I just set up.


      If anyone else on the Forum is having similar uninvited entries into their computers from Adobe, please post any and all comments, especially if these uninvited entries are flagged by your Internet security protocol as malware or other cyber-threat.


      Thank you!