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    Need localConnection Help

    teh_pako Level 1
      Well now to explain my idea... I have a series of buttons in 'buttons.swf' and just an empty mc in 'movie.swf'. We are going to be playing a different video with each button, and i thought that it would be better for size(not file size) to have them in sparete swf, it has also been requested to be done this way...

      well in swf1 we have:
      -sending localConnection
      -button to tell swf2 to play a video

      var LC_Send = new LocalConnection();
      b_005.onRelease = function(){
      LC_Send.send("LC_Receive", loadMovie, param);

      in swf2 we have:
      -receiving localConnection
      -an empty MC holder where the movie is supposed to play

      var LC_Receive:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
      LC_Receive.loadMovie = function(param) {

      I hope this can help you to help me... thanks in advance! ^^