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    cached preview needs 2 or more frames to play back

    hillaby@bluewaterbaptist Level 1

      Okay i know that this question has been asked probably a million times by now, but since the adobe support is absolute trash it looks like I'm going to have to ask again here to see if i can get any help regarding this issue. I keep getting an error saying "after effects error: cached preview needs 2 or more frames to play back".

      No matter what i seem to try it keeps coming up. I cant figure out at all why it is doing it. I've done literally everything i can think of, and Ive done multiple reinstalls, however no matter what i try it keeps happening. At first when i do a reinstall nothing will happen, i can have maybe one comp and it'll work fine, but the minute i go above one comp/precomp the error pops up, and then will continue to appear on every single project regardless of the size after that.

      Im starting to regret getting involved with this program, as this error or bug makes the program virtually unusable.

      Does anyone have any sort of solution to this issue?