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    Interface CameraRaw disappears....

    Jeroen Dietz

      Hi, I was afraid it was a problem with the Videocard in my 5K iMac ( 2015 El Capitan up to date ), but it also happened om my MacBook ( 2011 Yosemite Up to date ) :

      when i'm opening CameraRaw as a filter in PS (CC up to date ) parts of the menu or interface of CR are gone. When i click on the elements ( sliders ) they come back.

      And, it now is also happening ( once in a while ) when I open a Canon Raw file in CRaw...

      What is going on ? Anybody had the same problems ?Schermafbeelding 2016-05-31 om 20.28.14.png

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          Richard Southworth Level 3

          You have the option of turning off the graphics processor, both in ACR preferences and Photoshop preferences>Performance.  I suggest you try that first, if it "corrects" the problem then you can start looking for updated video card drivers.


          Richard Southworth


          Yes, I did read it happens on two systems, nonetheless IMO still need to look at video first.

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            Jeroen Dietz Level 1

            Unfortunately, still the same problem....

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              Richard Southworth Level 3

              Did this problem start when you upgraded to ACR 9.5?  That is the point when the interface changed, to better match Bridge and Photoshop.  I played with mine (Win 10) a bit, noticed that when I invoke CR it flashes white for a half second or so, then goes to the dark gray background with white lettering.  Perhaps there is a bug on Macs whereby the background doesn't automatically paint, and you are left with white lettering on a white background, or something along those lines.  Have you moved the Bridge preferences settings from one of the default values?


              Just fishing, no more ideas at this point.  It may be time to contact Adobe.


              Richard Southworth

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                Richard Southworth Level 3

                I chose the second from left default appearance option in Bridge, which also controls the Camera Raw appearance.  It displays with a darker gray for the picture insert and histogram background, and a lighter gray for the surround.  In your case you have the lighter gray for the picture background, and apparently a lighter color for the surround.  You might try changing the Bridge appearance preferences, start with the far left hand default, which results in the darkest backgrounds, see if there is any "magic" in the settings that may correct/affect your situation.


                Richard Southworth


                Added by edit - more experimenting, the CR filter within Photoshop picks up the PS appearance settings, not the Bridge.  More adjustments to play with.

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                  Jeroen Dietz Level 1

                  Thanks Richard, I was away for a few days, but now I'm gonne give this a try. Appreciate this very much !!!

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                    I had the same issue, and actually still have it. Quitting Photoshop and reopening it would solve it. However I found another 'solution'.

                    In Photoshop, go to preferences->camera raw, and click on the button 'Purge Cache'. Then, when you open camera raw filter next time it will work ok. At least for me it does.