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    Optimizing Lightroom performance on iMac 5k with large library?


      Hello, i've gotten to that point where I must upgrade from my old computer. Since it's been a while, I am trying to make sense of many new technologies and how they all work together. If you have personal experience with these hardware and software combinations, I would appreciate your advice.
      I have been reading posts about some of the speed advantages of using an SSD drive.
      1. I am wondering if an external SSD drive connected with a USB3 cord (rather than the internal SSD drive) would still be advantageous to a 1TB 7200RPM internal HD?

      I am interested in the screen size of the 27" iMac and beautiful monitor but also a little concerned of the current issues with the 5k being a hindrance because of support with other applications, namely the photo editing program I use most, Lightroom.
      2. Have there been any recent fixes to these incompatibilities? I will also do video editing with Premiere. I plan on upgrading RAM to 24GB.

      3. Suppose I add a 500GB external SSD to an iMac 5k with 1TB internal HD, how would you suggest distributing image libraries, applications, and the operating system? Partitions?
      4. And incorporating backups/time machine/both?

      I am hoping to merge all of my Lightroom libraries which would include more than 250,000 images. I am concerned about potential lagginess but also know that having everything together and managing it as one unit would be very helpful for me.
      5. And additional suggestions would be really appreciated.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and insights!