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    Canvas publishing produces Uncaught TypeErrors

    little fat girl Level 1

      So, I'm trying to export a looping logo animation. It worked the first time I published and now simply won't work. I get Uncaught TypeErrors and the screen is white when I publish.


      Even more frustrating is the fact that I get different errors at different times. The most frequent error is this:


      Uncaught TypeError: lib.machinelogocathead is not a constructor


      It's referring to a MovieClip that I'm animating. But sometimes I get other errors that keep it from working.


      I think my problem is similar to this one:


      Publishing to JS/HTML errors


      If I simplify the animation, removing stuff, I can get it to work. But there is no one part that causes the error. In other words, there is no one element I can isolate as the problem.


      Mostly it's frustrating because it worked fine the first time and now it won't.


      Is there a way around this?