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    Actionscript issue

      At one point in the past I made a version of this actionscript work. Then I lost the .fla and can't figure out how to recreate it. Furthermore, it seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world to code, but I am lost and can't figure out what I am missing. Please help me figure this out.

      In this code, I am attempting to create a field where someone will enter a preassigned passkey (not a login and password). I am not trying to make this secure, just trying to direct people to their web page without giving them complicated url's. Essentially, in the dialog box, someone would enter something like "page1" and then click the go button, which would have actionscript attached to it that would load www.davinciphotography.net/page1/page1.html. I have one on my site already that I made work, but I would like to update it while I am creating the next version of my web site. If you want to see how it should work, go to www.davinciphotography.net and click "view proofs." Enter "Julie-Samples" (Case-sensitive and obviously without the quotation marks). The page it should open for you is http://www.davinciphotography.net/Julie-Samples/Julie-Samples.htm.

      I hope that someone has some input for me. I don't know what my problem is. It seems so simple, and I have created this before.

      Please help.