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    Different results when applying the same settings to image sequence


      Greetings from Venezuela.


      I'm using Lightroom 6.1.1 at work to color grade a video, basically the way I've done it before (and have worked great which is why I'm trying it again) is to edit a video in adobe premiere, shot mostly with canon cameras (5D and 7D) and drones (Phantom 3), this is my general workflow:


      Export edited video without color grading from premiere as a PNG sequence.

      Import PNG sequence to lightroom.

      Edit first (or other relevant) frame of a scene, then copy and paste all adjustments to the rest of the frames in the scene

      Export all images as JPG (full quality) to another folder

      Import as image sequence in adobe premiere

      Check and any correction needed I just do it in lightroom and export to the same folder, as JPGs get overwritten (this is why I use the same filenames) the changes are present in premiere when I go back.


      Right now I'm editing a short video, which proved to be much more challenging than the music videos I edited in the past, but running into a weird problem in lightroom. Basically I'm getting flickering in some scenes when importing back into premiere, some frames are simply lighter than others, sometimes the scene suddenly gets slightly lighter and stays there, other (the worst ones) happen in one or two frames.


      Doesn't seem to be a problem in the export phase, because I can actually see the picture being lighter in lightroom, as well as the histogram showing it being lighter. The original pictures are almost identical (being frames of the same sequence), but the edited ones are significantly different. The images come from premiere, so I don't think there's any hidden information in them (lens, aperture and so on). Any ideas?