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    Lightroom 6 will not open Raw files in Photoshop CS6 (Nikon d5 and d800)


      I recently bought a Nikon D5 and have had nothing but issues with reading and opening the files.  I have Photoshop cS6 and had Lightroom 5.  I contacted adobe when I couldn't even import my files even after doing all the updates.  They advised me to buy the Lightroom 6 upgrade and i wouldn't have anymore issues.  So I did and I was able to import my raw files from the D5 but still I can't open them in Photoshop at all. 


      After much research I found that I have to convert each file to a DNG (ONE BY ONE---so frustrating that it won't do it in bulk.  Trust me, i tried different ways).  Then once it's converted i can open in photoshop.


      Even more frustrating is that now even my files from my d800 cannot be opened in photoshop without first being converted to DNG one by one.  This was not an issue before I downloaded Lightroom 6.  Can someone please help me??  Why can't i just open the raw files from the d800 and d5 like normal.  I don't want to convert to DNG.  I have downloaded all updates for both programs.  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled lightroom 6.  Any advice is appreciated.  This is a major headache.