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    pro exr problems


      Hi everyone, got a couple of question about after effects and the pro exr plugin.


      1) in the timeline, if i cut a part of a video level and try to strech the duration time it gets jerky and not more fluid like the rest of the video. any suggestion on how to strech the time keeping flud the flow?


      2) if i create a composition based on multilevel pro exr videorender import how can i isolate a single id element (like easily done in photoshop) by selection and apply any kind of filter or transformation following all the movements of the object during the video time? in photoshop i can create a stand still mask and operate on it, but how can do that on a video?


      thank you everyone guys.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There is no such thing as selections in AE. That's what masking, mattes, channel effects, layer duplicates and so on are for. You seriously have to read the help and watch some tutorials. These are fundamental basics which you completely lack. Likewise, you need to read up on time-remapping and the Timewarp effect and the various quality settings. None of this even has anything to do with EXR files at all.