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    Optimize Images with high quality.


      Hello All


      I want to optimize images without losing its quality. How lightroom will help me in that. Please suggest. My website like is: https://pokyshop.com where i am using images which needs to be optimized.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Optimized in what way?

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The issue I see with your website is the top swiper-slide banner images (as the JavaScript references them) are only 1008 pixels wide and the browser is upsizing them if the monitor is wider than that, which most are, so they become blurry.  I’d suggest using much higher resolution swiper-slide images—the ones that scroll sideways every few seconds.   Some monitors are 5K nowadays so at least 2000 or 2500 pixels would be good.  


            If you make the images higher resolution they will take longer to download, so if you want this site to be viewable on a smaller screen phone with lower-bandwidth data connection you might have to swap between higher-resolution images for a desktop display and lower resolution images for a phone, so you could start with the low-res and load higher-res once you’ve detected the screen size and somehow determined things are not on a phone or perhaps time how long the images take to download and as far as optimizing each image to be as small as possible, you can use the Save As JPG in PS to preview the size and how much of the detail is being destroyed by the compression to keep the artifacts to an acceptable level:

            One last thing, and I didn’t read everything, but I think the phrase “Make in India” should be “Made in India” unless Indian-English grammar is different than US-English.