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    adding an image to a sign in perspective

    swooperman Level 1

      chaulk board.jpgI would like to place an image on this sandwich board and have it appear in perspective

      as if it was there when the original photo was taken. Please tell me how. I am pretty sure it is "easy" if you know how. I have many situations where

      I could use this solution. Please advise. Thank you

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Illustrator offers perspective drawing via the Perspective Grid and Photoshop offers perspective via Perspective Warp; InDesign does not have a perspective feature.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Open that image either in Photoshop (if you want some more natural stuff) or in Illustrator (if it is geometric) and do that in those programs. Save as PSD or PDP/PDF from Photoshop or save as AI or PDF/X-4 from Illustrator and place that into InDesign.

            InDesign has poor drawing capabilities and is not supposed to do that.

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              Danny Whitehead. Level 4

              What kind of image do you want to apply? Do you already have the flat version of it composed in InDesign?


              If so:

              Export the INDD to PDF.

              Open the sandwich board image in Photoshop.

              File > Place Linked, and place the PDF.

              Edit > Transform > Perspective. You should get a hang of it pretty soon, so you can get in into the shape you need.

              Save as PSD.


              To make it look a little more realistic:

              Apply a little bit of Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

              Apply a little bit of Filter > Noise > Ad Noise.

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                Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi Danny,

                yes, the best method to place the PDF in PhotoShop would be to open or place linked it as an Smart Object to maintain the best resolution and the vector information provided.


                Note: The PDFs should be exported and saved as PDF/X-4:
                The one you export from InDesign and the one you save from PhotoShop to place it in InDesign as well.

                Then, but only then, vector information will pass through to the final PDF exported from InDesign.



                I'm not sure, if you could change the perspective of a smart object in PhotoShop. If yes, please suggest a method.

                If not, the PhotoShop image could be upsampled to higher resolution before placing the PDF perhaps and then the smart object should be rendered so that it can be changed in perspective and filters could be applied.



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                  Danny Whitehead. Level 4

                  I think that if you want a photorealistic result (hence the blur and noise), you don't want the vectors to make it into the PSD. But using a linked Smart Object allows you to back and edit the original vectors and have Photoshop automatically update it.


                  I did miss a step, though. Photoshop doesn't allow you to apply Perspective to a linked smart object until you convert it to a smart object again.

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                    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                    But I'm not sure how this relinking workflow could actually work.

                    I tried that with PhotoShop CC 2015.


                    As soon as I convert the smart object to a smart object again and now have access to apply Perspective, I will not be notified, if the PDF from InDesign has changed. Because, I think, the link status changed to embedded after converting the smart object again to a smart object.


                    What I am doing wrong here?


                    Ah. I found out.

                    I have to use the "edit smart object" functionality in PhotoShop.

                    That would create and open a psb file.


                    In the psb file I now can double-click the linked smart object, Acrobat Pro DC will open the linked PDF.
                    And from Acrobat Pro DC I can do a "Save as" with the same name. That seems to be necessary to update the psb file.


                    After that, I have to save the psb file
                    and update the psd file where the sign is…



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                      Danny Whitehead. Level 4

                      Yep! Hardly ideal behaviour, and I can't immediately think of a reason why Photoshop works like that. I would have thought you should be able to apply the same transforms and effects to linked smart objects (a great feature, I think) as you can embedded ones.


                      The way it is, you have to remember to open the embedded object to update the linked one. You don't have to do whole resaving in Acrobat part, though. If you replace the original linked PDF, then open the PSD then the PSB, you get an updated link warning that behaves similarly to InDesign's equivalent.