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    Export to Premiere not carrying over masked effects




      I'm relatively new to AE but I'm having an interesting problem. I created a tracked mask to blur/color correct a blemish on my subject. When I export back to premiere, it appears to be ignoring the masked area and creating the effect over the entire clip rather than just the masked areas.


      My workflow is this:

      1. cut each the sections I'd like to edit in its own layer

      2. duplicate layer

      3. create my masked area

      4. track mask

      5. add feather to mask

      6. add some blur

      7. correct color levels

      8. pre compose all layers

      9. 'File -> Export -> Premiere'


      Note I'm using the latest version of Adobe CC and receive no errors when bringing in the exported file.


      When I bring the comp into the Premiere timeline, I can see that blur and levels were applied to the entire section of the clip (not the entire video, just the parts that I edited and were separate layers). It's as if the masks were never there.


      I tried rendering my project directly from AE and it looks fine from that end.


      Any ideas on how to properly export/import? Am I missing a step?