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    Indexing a Book using Paragraph Styles

    Mr.Unex S 1 Level 1

      Hello, I'm looking for some assistance in updating an Index within an existing In-Design book that I'm updating.  My computer versions is Windows 10, with In-Design version 2015.3 Release.  Throughout the 51 sections book there are product CODES that we need to index which have all been given the same "Paragraph Style" - refer screen shot below....

      At the back of the book we have an index that has the tagged codes followed by the Page number, e.g.




      I have been trying to use the Generate Index option (refer screen shot below), to create these but can't get it to work.  Perhaps there is another options that I should be using here, I would greatly appreciate some guidance here!  Thank you.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          If you are looking for a list of paragraph styles followed by page numbers (i.e., Code Paragraph Style): that's actually created using the Table of Contents feature, sorted alphabetically: Create a table of contents in Adobe InDesign


          Sort Entries in Alphabetical Order

          Select this option to sort table of contents entries in the selected style alphabetically. This option is useful for creating simple lists, such as lists of advertisers.


          An index is generated from index entries using the Index panel (and not from paragraph tags). An index entry consists of two parts: a topic and a reference. Topics can be defined ahead of time using a topic list. References can be page numbers or cross-references to other topics. Here's how to do it: Create an index in InDesign , but from your example, you just need an alphabetical list not an index—even if you call it an index and put it in the back of the book.