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    After Effects and Premiere when clicking file menu


      I just started having a problem with After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6 and CC 2014, both worked great on my system for years.


      In After Effects after starting up If I click the menu bar/ file menu I see a very quick load screen then the clock before it quits with no errors. I've tried pulling clips in from my desktop which also causes the crash.


      In Premier if I right click clips or click on menu bar/ file menu it quits with "Sorry, a serious error has occured" message.

      I've tried trashing prefs, uninstalling all adobe products, using cc cleaner then reinstalling and even upgading to the trial versions of CC 2014. The problem is the same with all versions.


      I have also uninstalled and rolled back my invidia graphics card and looked into font conflicts.  Tried disk utility to repair permissions and it says they have been repaired after but if I run them again the same repairs pop up.


      I have a deadline on a couple edits and really need to get back up and running asap.


      Here is my system:


      Mac Pro Tower 2009

      Osx 10.8.5

      Nvidia gtx 285