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    Help me understand this, Lightroom 5 is massively faster than CC on exporting tiffs


      Hey all,


      So here I am again with the same nagging WTF issue with Lightroom CC.


      When I want to export tiffs in Jpeg Lightroom CC hangs / takes 8+ hours if I export too many files or too many threads.


      Yet, Lightroom 5 I can export 1000 5DSr sized tiffs:


      Full Jpeg 100%

      Full Jpeg 90%

      Jpeg resized 70%

      Jpeg resized and watermarks @ 70%

      Apply a B+W effect Full Jpeg 100%

      Apply a B+W effect Jpeg resized 70%

      Apply a B+W effect Jpeg resized and watermarks @ 70%


      ALL AT THE SAME TIME - and it completes in under two hours.


      Doing more than a couple of simultaneous threads in CC and it falls over and takes all day.


      I've disabled antivirus on both programs (so no on access scanning), GPU is disabled, facial and location disabled and so on. In resource manager LR5 uses much more of the cpu up too. I'm really frustrated tbh. I like the new features in CC but damn, any major number crunching and it falls over. It doesn't crash out, just becomes very slow / unresponsive with LR5 being 4-8 times faster.