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    How can I have 7 txt fields calculate and/or show/hide?

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      I have 7 txt fields. Like so, ST1, ST2, ST3...ST7. With 1 TotalST field for all the "ST" fields (which calculates the totals the fields). What I would like to do is, when the ST fields are not populated then the TotalST field would be hidden. When one or all the ST fields are populated the TotalST field would be visible, but also calculates the ST fields. Then the TotalSt would hide if I delete the input from all the ST fields.


      At the moment I have the calculation working fine (pretty simple) using the Simplified window. But, I think, this needs a javascript that would have to be placed in the Custom Calculation window. So, can someone provide a script that would do what I'm hoping to do? Thanks.