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    charting components will not respond

      i've tried implementing the graphing tools- but when trying to change any of the characteristics of the lines by way of the stroke procedure...it appears my efforts are being overridden from somewhere.
      is there a default setting that needs to be killed.

      i am trying the following code:
      <mx:LineChart id="linechart" paddingLeft="5" height="200" width="990" paddingRight="5" dataProvider="{goalArr}" secondDataProvider="{goalArr}" showDataTips="true" dataTipFunction="daTip">
      <mx:CategoryAxis dataProvider="{goalArr}" categoryField="time"/>
      <mx:LineSeries name="gh" dataProvider="{goalArr}" id="gh" xField="time" yField="achieved" form="segment" displayName="Achieved">
      <mx:Stroke color="#FFFFFF" weight="3" alpha="0.5"/>
      <mx:LineSeries dataProvider="{goalArr}" xField="time" yField="goal" form="curve" displayName="Goal"/>

      besides that, everything else worksm and is fine.
      so mum, don't send any money just yet.

      oh, yeah...if this is answered by any hard core adobe person...is there anyway of removing the this is a trialversion that gets stamped onto the chart. like say by prebuying the beta, og something.
      hell, now while we are at it...when wil the beta go...zeta...delta?....erh...that is... final....???