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    Folder synchronizing problem


      I have an outer storage where I keep my photos. First problem, a whole folder tree is disappeared from the Lightroom Catalog.

      Second: I tried to import one folder - "no pictures to import", but the folder is on the catalog now (empty).

      Ok, let synchronize:

      Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.32.34.png

      1809 new photos found

      Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.32.50.png

      and than - surprise!

      Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.35.42.png

      How I will arrive these photos???

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          dj_paige Level 9

          The first problem sounds to me like you (accidentally?) opened the wrong catalog file. Go to File->Open Recent and select each catalog shown there utnil you find the one with the folder of interest.


          The second problem is because the photos have already been imported into Lightroom, probably using the COPY import option, and so Lightroom knows about these photos and thinks they are in a different folder. You need to find the photos in Lightroom (click on "All Photographs" and then search by file name) to locate them and make use of them.

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            Abambo Level 4

            Windows or OSX?


            Do you have files missing in Lightroom or have they simply "disappeared"?


            If they have disappeared, dj_paige is probably right. If they are missing, then you have moved them to some other place inadvertently.


            Windows by default moves directories if they are dropped at some place on the same disk. Otherwise, it would have been a copy operation and that takes time and the original files stay in place. I know by experience, that it is very easy to drop directories inadvertently into a neighbouring directory. I suppose it is the same for OSX, but I have no confirmation of that. So chances are great, that the missing files are on the same disk.


            If you have accidentally  relocated a folder, you need to put it back at it's location. Lightroom shows the original location, so keep that location in mind.


            Open Explorer or Finder and use the OS search function to search the folder or a file in that folder (if you do not remember the exact name then Lightroom again gives you the name! Having located the original data at their new place you can easily move them back at their original place. After that, Lightroom will not show any more the missing files icon, as all happens outside of Lightroom.

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              zsuzsak73304575 Level 1

              thank you. I always open the program, and the program opens the catalog. I don't know, if I would have more catalogs might be...

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                zsuzsak73304575 Level 1

                Windows or OSX?


                Do you have files missing in Lightroom or have they simply "disappeared"?


                I didn't change the location. I cannot import folders also.

                I tried uncheck "don't import duplications" - so worked. I just have find where they are???

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  again, "disappeared" sounds like you have accidentally opened the wrong catalog file.


                  Did you try File->Open Recent?

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                    Abambo Level 4

                    Outer storage means external drive? I do not know much about the defaults on OSX, but I suspect you having launched Lightroom without the "outer storage" attached. You created a new catalog file and now Lightroom opens this one by default.


                    Dj_page's suggestion to look into the recent files is probably the right way to find your catalog back in this case. Be sure to have the external storage connected.


                    A second possibility is, that by some misfortune, the path to your Lightroom catalog has changed (on Windows at least, this would have been a probable cause to look into). Then Open Recent will not exactly help. You then need to find the correct catalog file on your external disk.


                    A third possibility is, that by misfortune, you moved the Lightroom catalog structure out of your way. Then you need to find that structure back and load the catalog from the new location.

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