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    send vars to fdf --> pdf

      How do I send vars to a PDF file i built using Adobe Designer 7? I had a great CF script i would use to send to my old Pdf files building an fdf file but that doesnt seem to work with these designer 7 publications. Is it because its all XML?

      Ill include my old script maybe i can modify it =) Thanks for any help.

      <cfcontent type="application/vnd.fdf">
      1 0 obj <<
      /FDF <<
      <cfloop collection=#VarStruct# item="VarName">
      <cfif '#VarName#' neq 'PDFURL'>
      <cfoutput> << /T (#VarName#) /V (#Evaluate("VarStruct.#VarName#")#)>>
      <cfoutput> ]
      /F (#siteRoot#v#Session.versionID#/contact/forms/acord/#VarStruct.PDFURL#)
      <</Root 1 0 R>>
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          glossen Level 1
          I have modified the above using the xfdf Draft Arc Document however i am having difficulty bringing it up due to an XML parsing error. Here is my modified code.

          <cfcontent type="application/vnd.adobe.xfdf">
          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <xfdf xmlns=" http://ns.adobe.com/xfdf/" xml:space="preserve">
          <f href="#siteRoot#v#Session.versionID#/contact/forms/acord/#VarStruct.PDFURL#"/>
          <ids original="7A0631678ED475F0898815F0A818CFA1"
          <cfloop collection=#VarStruct# item="VarName">
          <field name="#VarName#">

          Is there something wrong with using that cfcontect type?
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            glossen Level 1
            Im gonna post this resolution because I found absolutely no resources on this topic on either google or adobe's site. Maybe because its so new. Anyways I had 2 problems the first being none of my data from my xfdf converter was getting on my pdf document. The resolution there came in digging through the xml source. When naming a field and value in the xfdf file you cant just name the field name like "date" you have to go through the whole tree of your document: ..."F[0].P1[0].date[0]"><value..." With that it sent my values over.

            My second problem was now the data was going over but it only showed up if you clicked on that field =(... so i had to go into Lifecycle Designer and highlight the field and go to the Object tab then under to the field tab and uncheck "plain text only".. even though the field was sporting a nice yellow error icon it worked like a gem.

            I hope this helps someone because this XML implementation of pdf is freekin great!

            - Aaron