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    Bounding box in centre of stroke?

    badassdesigner Level 1

      In Illustrator when I set an object/path to "align stroke to centre", if I snap the bounding box to a guide the thickness of the line is centred on the guide.


      In Indesign I can't do this - it seems to behave quite stupidly in that no matter how I set the "align stroke to..." the bounding box stubbornly remains at the extremity of the line/object. Even with "dimensions include stroke weight" switched OFF


      So, in Illustrator, if i snap two object to the same guide (the bottom of a rectangle to the top of another rectangle, for example) the lines for the object overlap and appears the same thickness.


      In Indesign, if I snap two objects to the same guide, as above, the lines sit next to each other and appear double the thickness.


      How can I get indesign to work like illustrator in this respect?


      Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 13.12.45.png

      above is indesign.



      Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 13.17.49.png

      above is Illustrator


      Why does the same thing work so very differently in each program? Can I make Indesign work like Illustrator?




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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The only way I know of to do this in InDesign is to remove the stroke before doing your alignment, and then add it back afterward.   

          The two programs don't work the same because 1) they were developed at different times by different teams and 2) their base purposes are not the same.

          InDesign is primarily for page layout, with some basic vector drawing tools built in; Illustrator is a vector drawing program with some basic page layout tools built in.

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            Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

            I don't think there is any way to change how Indesign creates the bounding area of a selection. But for your task at hand, here is a workaround to insure the objects with centered strokes are aligned: Use the Distribute Spacing and set the Spacing value equal to negative value of the stroke.


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              badassdesigner Level 1

              Many thanks.


              Your suggestion works, but at the end of the ay it's a clumsy work-around. I'm designing forms and have hundreds of boxes to position. Being able to snap them to my guides without the line thicknesses doubling up would have saved me a lot of work.


              Your reasons for the two applications working differently are understood, but I disagree that they are good reasons for making what is essentially exactly the same thing work so differently. In my opinion, Illustrator has it right (and it can be made to work like indesign when it's needed), and Indesign is broken.


              I've filed a "feature request" but I think it really ought to be a bug report.

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                I had a project where I needed centered strokes. What I did was, that I created all frames with an object style where the stroke was 0. So it is a simple easy task to align all frames. At the end I changed the strokes in the Object Style definition. Sie every frame is now as it should be.

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Go ahead and file at a bug report then. You know what happen to it?


                  It will be marked “as designed” and that will be end of it.


                  Just because you don’t like a particular behavior (and I can see why you don’t) doesn’t make it a bug.

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                    Brian Pylant Level 1

                    It may not be a bug, but it's incredibly frustrating when common features (like strokes) behave so differently in two apps from the same company, that are marketed as cooperative parts of a suite no less.


                    When the InDesign development team were working on the code for stroke behavior, you'd think they might have said "hey, those Illustrator folks have already done this. Let's incorporate that into InDesign!"


                    Been using AI since, well, forever, and InDesign since v1.0, so I'm long-accustomed to the inconsistencies and working around them. Doesn't mean I like it, tho...


                    (And don't even get me started on the complete travesty that is "vector" data in a PDF generated from Photoshop... quotes very intentional!)

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                      benfrew Level 1

                      I have the opposite problem - it seems this request has now been implemented into InDesign, but I don't want it! Or at least, I want the option. 


                      If I align stroke to the centre of my frame box, I want my selection of that frame box to remain the same. But the selection switches to become the edge of the stroke, which is horribly for 90% of what I need to do. 


                      I think this problem has only arisen since the most recent update, so is there any way to switch it back?  surely?!?!

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                        Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                        I see no change in behavior of the smart guides since at least CS6…

                        Mac OSX 10.11.6.



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                          benfrew Level 1

                          My apologies, I misunderstood the OP. I am after the same thing, not the opposite thing.