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    Print Media Settings


      Hi everybody,

      How come when i go through the InDesign Print dialogue boxes, eventually arriving at 'Media Type', i only have 3 very limited choices? As follows:

      1) Photo Paper: Epson Premium Glossy, Glossy, Premium Semigloss, Premium Luster.

      2) Plain Papers.

      3) CD/DVD, CD/DVD Premium Surface (this last selection is greyed out).

      …there is nothing else to be seen. Where are the media types such as: Velvet Fine Art, or Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper, or Double sided Matte Paper?


      I know they are there because i can locate them via Spotlight.


      Many thanks for any help i can get on this.



      System details: MacBook Pro 2010, OSX Lion 10.7.3 - Printer: Epson R2880 - Adobe CS5 extended