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    Dreamweaver CC server crashes with PHP 'include'


      I often use php 'include_once()' or 'require_once()' to embed elements such as navigation or headers within my site - then I only have to edit that central file and it changes across my site.


      I've only recently started using Dreamweaver CC (2015), after being a long-time GoLive user.


      So I'm just learning the ropes with DW (though I have used older versions in the past, CS4) by recreating one of my smaller sites - all was working fine until I added a side menu that I bring in using php 'include_once()'. Now, whenever I try and do anything in Live view (or just view it there) - which is connected through a server due to using php - I get the spinning beach ball of death infinitely and have to Force Quit.


      Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome!


      (I'm on Mac OS 10.11.5, Dreamweaver CC (2015) - latest update)