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    Have an Adobe Portfolio Site?  If so share the link!

    KShinabery212 Adobe Community Professional

      One great thing about Behance users is that we have a strong sense of community.  Thus, with the launch of Adobe Portfolio I thought it would be interesting for us to share links.


      Reason being... by sharing links we can learn how to set up interesting sites.  This exchange is also good because if we see an artist that we like we can establish a contact with them.  Networking is key to the success of artists.... it can lead to collaborations, new jobs and so much more.  You may even discover other artists in your area that you have round table discussions with.  Plus you never know when or where your talents will be discovered!


      Also if you see a site that was created and have a question on how they set something up.... then ask the creator.  That is the best source to learn how to make your Adobe Portfolio shine!


      So here is my link.... I look forward to seeing the pages that others have created as well!