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    Indesign Issue -I've Imported a Word Document with Pictures in it.  Half doesn't show:


      I've imported word documents over and over with success for many years.  I've never imported one with quite this number of pages.  It all seemed to be coming through without any issues.  I was happily going from page to page threading the text and pictures into my page layout.  I got half way through . . . it continued to allow me to thread the pages, but now the pages are blank.


      I thought, well, perhaps there is a limitation to how many pages Indesign will allow from a single document.  So I broke my original Word document into two documents.  I tried importing the second half, it allowed me to thread, but again nothing is showing.  However, if I create a new document and start threading the second half, the text and images show.


      I'm on a  Mac using the latest software updates.  Also, I should add., the word document was exported first from a  PDF file.


      Thanks, any insights would be much appreciated.

      BJ Nartker