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    Canvas Size or Canvas Proportions

    Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

      I understand that size is irrelevant with vector drawing because art can be scaled infinitly, but I'd like my drawing to have a specific proportional canvas size. I can't figure out how to do this in Draw. I fished my first drawing with my new iPad Pro and over the weekend but had to take it to Illustrator when it was done so that I could adjust the art board. Does anyone have suggestions of how to handle this without using Illustrator?


      If you are curious, I published the drawing "Tiger Illustration" on Behance with screen grabs, that show what my challenge is.


      I draw a rectangular shape in the background that approximates the canvas proportions, but it's not accurate. It would be nice if the rectangular shape tool allowed us to draw with numerical proportions. It would be even better if we could establish a canvas size at the start of a new drawing, kind of like Adobe Comp.


      I also place Capture shapes in my drawing background that are often scaled beyond the bounds of the canvas. There is no way to mask shapes with Draw so I suppose my only option is to erase the areas that extend beyond the art board or canvas.