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    Submit Email with CC in form field




      I have put together a electronic form through LiveCycle.  In the form I have generated a field (manager_super) that allows the user to select the managers and/or supervisor.  Upon submit, I would like to have those names selected compiled and sent in the form of an email.   Also, is there a way I can concatenate (like InfoPath)  and generate a CC in the email as well?  The rest of the form looks really good.  But this is the part that I'm kinda stumped on.  I'm limited in my area of coding which is why this is kind challenging .


      Here is a snapshot of my template:


      The manager/supervisor field will be a drop-down list containing names of those who will have an email sent to them once the submit button is accessed. I cannot find an action that will allow me to use those name(s) and compile an email.  Please help