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    Lightroom Mobile Sync "Buffer"?


      Hello, could anyone tell me if there is a limit to the number of photos uploaded from LR Mobile before they have to be downloaded to LR Desktop?


      Reason for the question is I created a collection on LR-M of 188 images, which I had uploaded to my iPad Pro from the camera via wifi.  44 of the images synced to the cloud and then the process stopped, with a meaasge showing "144 images pending".  This stayed the same for most of the day, until I signed in to LR-D on my Macbook Pro.  The collection started to download to Lightroom Desktop and, hey-presto, after about 50 images had downloaded, the remainder of the collection started to upload from the iPad again.


      I know that syncing betweem LR-M and LR-D doesn't take up my Adobe Cloud storage, but I guess it stands to reason that there will be a storage limit for syncing.  After all, the cloud is really being used as a "conduit" in this case rather than a storage medium?


      can anyone clarify if indeed you do need to be signed in to both apps (mobile and desktop) for a large, mobile-originated collection to fully sync?


      incidentally, I discovered this problem when I tried to access images in the collection within Adobe Spark Page (aka Slate).  The collection wasn't visible in Slate, although other previous collections were.  I'm guessing this is because it wasn't fully synced?  If so, this presents an issue.  If I want to originate a large collection in the field and immediately start using it to create Spark presentations, does this mean I need to have my desktop version of Lightroom running back at base in order for the collection to fully sync before I can access it in Spark?  This could be a problem on a multi-week trip.