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    Getting started questions:

    boby11433731 Level 1

      If you start with a drawing at 300dpi, would will the puppet resolution need to be 72dpi?

      Using the turning head feature- Full front - Left 3/4 - Left Profile - Right 3/4 and Right Profile.

      Do you need 5 different heads, one each location?

      Would each head have to include all the behaviors- eyes to lip snyc in all 5 heads?

      Would you use the same (pivetpoint) Orgin? Hoew exactly would you insure proper positioning?

      When setting up lip snyc , How do you insure proper mouth positions?



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator
          • I've never tried 300dpi, but I would personally do it as 72dpi for performance reasons alone (smaller file size).
          • Yes, you need 5 different head groups within your main Head folder (see Wendigo in the example files). Currently in Preview 3, you would have to manually add face and lip sync behaviors to each head. In the upcoming Preview 4, this will be automatic, and you'll get two new views - upward and downward.
          • Setting a head origin point would affect all the head positions inside of it - so I would only set that one. When you make different heads, you'll need to make sure everything lines up correctly (I often toggle the layer visibility to simulate the transition in PS or AI).
          • Great mouths for lip sync is an art form to itself. If you search for "cartoon viseme" in an online image search you might see some examples from cartoons.