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    Indesign, Book Files, Place Objects, Package Project


      I want to use a Book file to combine multiple smaller files (let's call them 'chapters').

      Each of my chapters has a number of placed objects (cmd-D).

      I've been told that placed objects stay outside the main .indd file, and allow re-linking if any of those files is updated or replaced.

      I use the Package menu tool to combine all the fonts, placed objects and .indd file (and PDF) into one folder.


      I want to know how to use placed objects in chapters which are inside a Book file, and how to Package it all when I'm done.

      Where do each of the files belong (in what folder); and how are they organized when I package them?

      How do I make a copy of the packaged file set, to begin work on a new iteration [Revision] of the entire Book?


      I have watched the tutorials and read what I can find.

      I cannot find answers to how Package, Book and Place all work together.


      Thank you.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional
          • So you place graphics and text files into an InDesign doc (we'll call it a chapter) and use the InDesign features to arrange them into a pleasing layout.
          • Repeat this process for each chapter.
          • Collect all of the chapters into a book file for pagination, generating a Table of Contents, perhaps an Index.


          Now what? If you want to print it, you can export the book to a PDF and send it out for commercial printing. Or you can package the book (use the panel menu in the top right of the Book panel) and collect everything you need for printing through InDesign in a single project folder, along with nested folders for fonts and graphics. Zip the folder and send it out for commercial printing.


          These days, providing a high-res PDF is more common. So why use Package? Let's say you are not a particularly organized person. (I am, and always start with a project folder and subfolders and put everything that relates to that project into those folders.) But let's say you aren't. You can still use Package after the fact, just to collect and copy all of the project assets into a new folder (assets include the book and chapter files, the fonts, the graphics, and .idml file and a print-quality .pdf). Zip it, archive it and you are ready when someone says, "Hey, can I get a copy of that article you laid out 10 years ago?" Which happens to me more than you'd think!

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            RedBaron2016 Level 1

            That was fast! Thanks.

            If I have chapters which use the same placed graphic, then using what you've described will output (with Package) a separate copy of the graphic (e.g., a .png file) for each chapter, each in its own subfolder. Right?


            Since I'd like to use the ability to update such a graphic, and have that re-linked when I reopen the Book file in all of the chapters.

            A good example is a corporate logo. My customer changed their logo. I use it on most of the pages on a set of about 10 documents. I had planned to collect these 10 documents into one Book file, then "Package" it. Then, when they change their logo, I can dig down into the subfolders, find the one copy of the .png file, and substitute the new logo (same filename), and - presto! - get all 10 documents to update.


            Make sense?

            I want to avoid having to replace the same logo file 10 times.


            Expand this to changing graphics files throughout the 10 documents, and you can see how it gets messy, and error-prone.

            (Speaking of error-prone, is there a way from InDesign to "run a report" which lists the filenames and dates for all embedded (placed) files?)


            Thank you.

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              No, the book file, chapter files, .idml and .pdf files will all be in the root level of the package folder.


              If you have placed the same graphic, i.e., your logo, into each chapter, it will output once to the links folder, and will be linked to each occurrence in the chapter files.  If you change it, it will be updated in all the files. Note that when you update a graphic outside of InDesign's watch (meaning the files are closed and you use Ps or Ai to update the logo) it will alert you that the file has been modified when you open up the chapters. Just choose update links.


              Here is a look at the results of packaging a journal (1 book file with front matter and body files):


              I can't think of any way to run a report listing linked graphics within InDesign's feature set (other than packaging, which copies all linked graphics), but there are a number of "out-of-the-box" folks on this forum, so we may see an idea show up.

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                RedBaron2016 Level 1

                Thanks! I'll try it out right away.