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    Retrieving Registration ID

    themeister Level 1

      Have been using PageMaker since the 1980s and last updated to Version 7.0.  When recently upgrading to Windows 10, I was unable to enter a "correct" code so couldn't move PM v. 7.0 and a gazillion .pmd files to new computer. 


      Is there any way of retrieving my original Registration ID from the old computer so that I can complete the registration on the new one?


      Thanks.  Frustrated in Pennsylvania.

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          My guess is that you are out of luck, for PageMaker was officially discontinued in 2004. If it it still working in your old computer, keep that computer at all costs and use it for working on your PM files.

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            Jay Chevako Level 3

            If you have registered the program you may be able to get the information from Adobe, but they have seemed to have abandoned support for Pagemaker in other areas (good luck finding the install files). But  Pagemaker just doesn't work right in anything past windows XP, while some people have managed to get it installed, the postscript printer driver does not work, and Pagemaker's infamous instability is even worse.  Keeping the old computer for Pagemaker use is the best bet.

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              themeister Level 1

              Out of luck seems to be the operative phrase her. 


              This would be a perfect opportunity for someone from Adobe who happens to be reading this to step up and offer help, hope and good will.  Just sayin'.  Anyone out there?

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Doubtful but I’ll see if I can find someone.

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                  Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                  Dear “Frustrated in Pennsylvania,”


                  Two separate issues here.


                  If you lost your serial number used for installation of your Adobe product and if you registered your software with Adobe, you could try logging into your Adobe account and see if the serial number appears in your profile or if that serial number doesn't appear there, call Adobe Customer Support (not Technical Support) and see if they can retrieve that information for you. If you didn't register your software, you may be out of luck here. Two lessons here - always register your software and for software with serial numbers, keep a copy of the serial numbers in a secure location for the indefinite future.


                  In terms of actually installing and using PageMaker under Windows 10, as others have indicated, Adobe discontinued the product nearly a dozen years ago. Even prior to that discontinuation, Adobe was quite vociferous that InDesign was the replacement for PageMaker and through the CS6 version of InDesign, supported conversion of PageMaker files to InDesign format (of course, requiring anywhere from a little to significant user manual fixing up of the results to accommodate significant differences in the layout and imaging models of PageMaker and InDesign. This has been no secret.


                  Regardless of whether you can get PageMaker to install and run under Windows 10 (even in crippled mode), we would most strongly recommend that you immediately convert those “gazillion” .PMD files (or at least those you really need to preserve) to InDesign documents via the CS6 version of InDesign while that version is still available (the last three versions of InDesign no longer support opening PageMaker files!).


                  Consider this your final warning from Adobe in terms of PageMaker file access.


                            - Dov

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                    Jay Chevako Level 3

                    Wow! Dov Isaacs in the Pagemaker forum! Frustrated should feel really special!

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                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Well, I figured if I was going to hunt someone down, it might as well be the best.