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    Learning ColdFusion 2016




      I'm a beginner developer.  I've been playing with PHP for years, but never really advanced my skills beyond the basics I needed.


      I've found myself in a position where I now need to write three relatively basic apps in the next month or so:


      1. Quote and invoice system.

      2. Inventory database.

      3. Project document viewer with signature capture on mobile devices.


      Using off the shelf products isn't possible, so at the moment I'm looking at writing these in PHP, learning what I need to as I go along and using existing scripts I've found via Google.  However, this could be a lengthy task in each of the above cases.  Instead, I'm wondering whether it would be worth investing some time upfront to learn ColdFusion, so that the development process itself is much quicker and potentially easier.


      Does anybody have any opinions on this please?  For/against PHP or ColdFusion?


      If you believe CF is the way forward, what are the best resources for a beginner learning CF 2016?


      Any help is much appreciated !