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    Building a PC for Adobe premiere pro cc (2015) and photoshop.(what do i need)


      Any ideas of what types of hardware i should be looking at for a mid range system? I have had a quote so far which is as  followed, any advice on what needs changing or adding would be appreciated. Iv also been told from a friend that i should probably go for a 16 gb memory and that some of the things that are listed are a bit dated. ps i am not very well up on  computer components but would like the PC to be able to run 'Premiere' pretty well for editing HD footage for short films and documentaries however on a budget of around £1000











      Antec VSK3000B-U3 Micro-ATX 1 x USB 3.0





      EVO LABS

      Evo Labs BR500-12R 500w ATX 12cm Red Fan




      H81M-HDS R2.0


      ASRock H81M-HDS R2.0 Skt 1150 Intel Hasw






      Kingston HyperX 8GB FURY Black Heatsink






      LG (Hitachi-LG) GH24NSD0.ARAA10B 24x DVD






      Intel Haswell i5 4460 3.2GHz Quad Core 1






      Kingston V300 240GB Sata III Solid State






      Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM 64mb






      Gigabyte GV-N730D3-2GI NVIDIA Geforce GT






      Microsoft Windows 10 64bit English OEI D






      Microsoft 850 Desktop Wireless Keyboard






      Hanns G HE247DPB 24" LED DVI Speakers Mo






      Dynamode Internal 3.5" 52 x Card Reader


















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          RjL190365 Level 4

          You need changes in the motherboard, CPU, RAM and GPU, plus you need an additional SSD, in order to make your planned system suitably comfortable for HD. Here are several reasons why:


          1) There is absolutely no reason right now to buy an older, already obsolesced CPU platform such as that Haswell platform with its DDR3 system RAM.


          2) Even if Haswell were still viable, the H81 chipset is a poor choice for a video editing system because it restricts the CPU's PCI-e bus bandwidth to only PCI-e 2.0 even if the CPU itself natively supports PCI-e 3.0. Plus, only two of its four SATA ports are SATA 6.0 Gbps; the other two SATA ports are only SATA 3.0 Gbps.


          3) The H81 chipset is severely limited in its PCI-e expansion capability: It has only six PCI-e 2.0 lanes.


          4) 8GB total of RAM is simply not enough RAM to do much if anything at all whatsoever once you get into Premiere Pro, unless all of your video work (both source and exports) is no higher than 720p. You need at least 16GB of RAM to do 1080p editing.


          5) That GT 730 DDR3 is a severe weakling: That particular card that you listed uses a GK208 GPU that has only 384 CUDA cores, and its memory throughput is an appallingly low 14.4 GB/second. As such, it is no faster in Premiere Pro's MPE GPU acceleration than the i5-4460's onboard Intel HD Graphics 4600.


          6) Finally, you have only an OS SSD and a storage HDD listed. However, Adobe strongly recommends two extremely fast disks in order to edit comfortably well. Unfortunately, that particular Seagate 2TB disk, even at 7,200 RPM, is much slower than any SSD in terms of sequential performance, topping out at less than 200 MB/second on the outer tracks and averaging only 160-ish MB/second. That's much slower than the 500-ish MB/second that a good SATA SSD achieves.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Lots of information at Tweakers Page


            You don't mention your budget, but what I built for myself is one option (some components have newer versions now)


            reply #6 for my hardware list in https://forums.adobe.com/message/6536849

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              neilh59037062 Level 1

              thanks for your reply my budget is probably only around £700-£1200 so not sure what could be suited within that.

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                neilh59037062 Level 1

                thanks very much for this list i will forward this to the person who will be making the pc. I would however say that my budget is i guess quite low around (£700-£1200) so not sure whether what you have suggested would be able to come under that or some variations?

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                  best-light Level 1

                  Not sure if you'll agree, but for my own build, I found this article quite helpful: Logical Increments - they suggest different builds for different budgets.

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                    RjL190365 Level 4

                    That article strives to achieve a "balanced" configuration for video editing, hardware-wise. That (and also the article from Studio 1 Productions that the article has a link to) are correct in that a real-world project will produce much lesser differences in performance between any two given GPUs than a PPBM benchmark does because PPBM loads everything up with GPU-accelerated effects whereas a real Premiere project has relatively few GPU-accelerated effects applied.


                    In the OP's case, there are two major things wrong with it (as I mentioned above): the motherboard and the GPU. The motherboard offers very little expansion capability, and many of the ports are seriously restricted in their performance potential by the H81 chipset. And the GT 730 GPU, especially one with abysmally slow DDR3 VRAM, is one of those cheapos that can potentially make a system with a high-end and super-expensive CPU significantly slower overall than a system with a cheapo dual-core CPU but a mid-level GPU such as a GeForce GTX 950. A while back I had tested a GT 730 with GDDR5 VRAM on my main i7-4790K rig, and found it made that system significantly slower overall than my i3-6100 mini-ITX breadbox with a GTX 960: Not only did the three GPU-intensive tests took much longer, but the MPEG-2 DVD encoding performance with a real-world Premiere Pro CC project also took significantly longer than with a higher-end GPU, even when both of those GPUs were running in MPE software-only mode. And if the GT 730 with GDDR5 VRAM slows down a mainstream PC build, the GT 730 with DDR3 VRAM would be even worse.


                    And the two relatively minor things wrong are the choice of a CPU and the amount of RAM. As I stated a few times before, the i5-4460 does not have much of a difference between its stock clock speed and its maximum Turbo Boost clock speed (the latter can only be achieved with one or two cores in use, and when all four cores are in use, the CPU clock speed stays at its stock 3.2 GHz and not even Turbo Boosted at all), and it does not have Hyper Threading at all. The 8GB of RAM is via a single stick, and thus cannot run in dual-channel. Two or more sticks of RAM are required to run in dual-channel.


                    Therefore, if even the minimum configuration that we've been recommending for 1080p editing is still priced higher than the OP's maximum price limit, then we cannot recommend him anything at all until he saves up enough money: He will end up with either an underpowered CPU or a severely restrictive GPU that can potentially slow down the performance of the rest of that system.

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                      neilh59037062 Level 1

                      thanks for your reply and the pionts that you made in the last post. Would it be possible for you to suggest to me an idea of the level of equipment needed that i should be looking for that fits my budget as you have said prevously with the additioal drive and ram with regards to  elaborating on what kind of versions am i looking at for motherboard, CPU, and GPU . regards