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    Unable to install Cloud version on Mac OS X: spinning wheel [Was: Classroom in a book]


      Just started a graphics class and they use adobe photoshop, Bridge and Illustrator. I tried to download a "Trial" and I just kept getting "spinning rainbows" on my Mac, 8 gigs Ram, Macbook Pro, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. So I uninstalled and thought I'd try the old fashioned way and just get Adobe CDs - there is no way I could ever figure out what I needed (went to eBay.)

      So I thought Classroom in a Book - but  that seems to use the Clout too and i believe the 'cloud" is the problem. My instructor is having slow-down problems on her Mac after the school gave her Cloud access - she never had any problem using her regular "old" CDs.


      What to do? I need a program that will RUN and be useful for assignments, etc.