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    Adobe Premier Elements 14. Please help me sombody.  am trying to import old dvd's  shot on camcorder mini tapes. good quality.Wh

    Anna Tee

      Please can anybody help me with this     ,After hours of  experimentation  - -  I am trying to update my old DVD's shot on Camcorder
      mini tapes.   Good quality Sony Camcorder. ,I saved all of these on



      When I insert the DVD into my burner I do not know how to extract the footage.   When I open  odd files appear. TS Video etc.

      Open my Adobe Premier Elements and  choose New Product---then change settings (  what to.?)

      The Add  from files and folders..???

      Then from timeline onto share and save and   and  another question ? What to choose. Disc, Computer or    I S O ??? Or quick video. I use  expert view in editing.


      Sorry I am so dumb.      

      I bought a new Canon movie camera and should be  O K with settings for   that.

      Thanks if anyone can help.

      [personal info deleted, forum policy]

      Annabelle Thompson


      New Zealand