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    Adobe Premier Elements 14. Please help me sombody.  am trying to import old dvd's  shot on camcorder mini tapes. good quality.Wh

    Anna Tee Level 1

      Please can anybody help me with this     ,After hours of  experimentation  - -  I am trying to update my old DVD's shot on Camcorder
      mini tapes.   Good quality Sony Camcorder. ,I saved all of these on



      When I insert the DVD into my burner I do not know how to extract the footage.   When I open  odd files appear. TS Video etc.

      Open my Adobe Premier Elements and  choose New Product---then change settings (  what to.?)

      The Add  from files and folders..???

      Then from timeline onto share and save and   and  another question ? What to choose. Disc, Computer or    I S O ??? Or quick video. I use  expert view in editing.


      Sorry I am so dumb.      

      I bought a new Canon movie camera and should be  O K with settings for   that.

      Thanks if anyone can help.

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      Annabelle Thompson


      New Zealand