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    "As Is" option in style settings. Does it exist?

    JohnStern Level 1

      In FrameMaker, after I have created some paragraph or character style, I can manually reset some (not all) of it's values to "As Is".


      Here is the screenshots -









      For example, I have created a paragraph style named Attention with following  parameters:

      - the color of text is red

      - text is aligned to center

      - font weight is bold


      Okay. And later, I could reset alignment from "Center" to "As Is", without changing any another setting of this style, such as red color and bold weight.


      As you can see in the screenshots above, in FrameMaker it's easy.


      Now, I'm trying to find a same option in InDesign (CS6) - as I think, it would be very useful in cases when one style is based on another. Does anybody succeed in it?  :-)


      -- John

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          Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

          Some FrameMaker features were way ahead of their time.

          InDesign doesn't have the same As Is settings as FrameMaker does for paragraph styles, although you can have As Is settings for character styles.

          This is as close as InDesign gets to your request, and you probably already know this:

          First create Attention paragraph style with red, bold and centered.
          Then create another paragraph style based on Attention, but that is not centered. I'll call it TIP.

          If you change any characteristics of Attention that are not shared by the TIP paragraph style, both paragraph styles will change. For example, if you change Attention to blue, TIP will also change to blue. But if you change Attention to Align Right, TIP will not change because that characteristic is not shared.