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    Are there Aperture Style “File Names” & “Version Names” in LR?


      I am (finally) moving from Aperture and am considering LR. My Aperture workflow has been to import the original image file (either a RAW camera file or scanned TIFF file) under it’s original name, make edits (which creates one, or more “versions”). I then rename the version based on a date-sequence number system, while the original (unaltered) file maintains its’ original name.


      Is this method possible in LR? Is there a similar system of files and versions? This seems pretty basic info, but couldn’t find anything in the forum search.


      Thanks, Dave

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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If the version you want to rename is an actual file like a second TIFF saved from the original, you can edit its name by editing the File Name field in the Metadata panel. If you want to rename using a filename template you can choose Library > Rename Photo (or press F2).


          If the version you want to rename is a Virtual Copy, you should use the Copy Name feature to name that virtual copy (since a virtual copy was no file of its own to name). You'll see the Copy Name field under the File Name field when the Metadata panel is set to "Default" or "EXIF and IPTC".

          Lightroom Copy Name.jpg


          If you want to export a virtual copy version as a new file, and have that new file use the Copy Name, include the Copy Name token in the filename template that you use for the exported file.


          Here's an example I used recently:

          Original raw file. File Name: 0001.RAW

          Virtual copy version of that raw file, cropped to 1:1. Copy Name: Instagram

          JPEG file exported from virtual copy is automatically named: 0001-Instagram.JPG

          (because I exported using a filename template configured with tokens "File Name" then "-" then "Copy Name")

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            nokin50 Level 1


            It seems it works a bit differently (no surprise), but with the same result. I'll need to try it out on the trial version to make sure I understand correctly.