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    Issue after importing photos


      I am having several weird issues.  First, my computer unplugged and died in the middle of starting to edit a set of photos after importing (I import using the "copy" option).  After I plugged the computer back in and opened up Lightroom again, I got the error message that there was a problem displaying my previews.  I tried restarting the program and that didn't help. I tried restarting the computer and that didn't work. Then I checked the forums and people said to delete the preview folder.  I did this and Lightroom finally opened.  I tried to re-import the photos that I needed to edit because they aren't there anymore, but then I get the message "there are not photos to import" even though there are photos still in my computer and on the drive they came from.  I don't know why once I've imported the photos once, I can't do it a second time to edit again.  Help!  I need to edit these photos!!