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    Error starting Illustrator from Creative Cloud, thanks to PDApp


      I recently renewed my subscription to Illustrator CC, and am encountering a weird issue on my macbook pro.


      Essentially, when I start up Illustrator, a new application titled PDApp pops up, and tells me to renew my subscription (I can confirmed that it's been renewed). I then click "try again" and it tells me that Illustrator is now active, and begins to start up the program. However, instead PDApp shows up again and repeats the same cycle.


      I had this fixed previously by contacting and screen sharing with Adobe Support, who bypassed it through a process of signing out of my Creative Cloud account, logging into their own, and then starting Illustrator. They then signed back into my account.


      It was doing well, but my computer then suffered an unrelated hardware failure. Once I got it back from the shop, the PDApp problem plagues me again.


      Does anyone have any idea what is causing this, or what I can do to stop it?