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    Automatic update of TOC depending on variable book pages

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      I tried to find this in the forum but I could see an answer to what I was looking for.


      I'm a beginner more or less in InDesigner. I have made my first book. It is an illustrated parts catalog (IPC). I have all the different parts in the IPC set up as  chapters in the book. For example: 001.My-cool-part.indd and 002.My-second-cool-part.indd. Then I have a My-cover-and-TOC.indd as a separate file.


      Since our customers will not always require our entire IPC, I want to select certain chapters and export this as the IPC. That means excluding some chapters. Then I would like My-cover-and-TOC.indd file to automatically update the TOC based on the selected chapters in the book, and of-course that these chapters are updated with correct chapter and paragraph number accordingly.


      I'm pretty familiar with "Text variables" but it is how to export only certain pages and getting the TOC and paragraph numbering to update that I'm having difficulties with.


      Any pointer, help would be very much appreciated.


      thank you in advance for spending your time on me