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    Can't activate Flash Builder with my license




      I'm trying to activate my Flash Builder 4.7 Premium license with no luck. I have the following license (I change the real number for XXXX


      Adobe Flash Builder Premium EditionXXXX4.7Varias12 de diciembre de 2012

      Associated to my adobe id account.


      If I try to activate the license, the new creative cloud application manager tell me that the license is not for this product and I can try to activate others


      Then shows me a dropbox with other options like "FB for PHP" or "CS5.5", and so on


      Why this is happen? I need to activate the software asap and I don't know why I can't do it with my own license... this kind of problems should be attended ASAP since I'm off 60 days trial and can't work! and moreover there's no chat support available!


      Thanks in advance for your help, hope someone here could let me know how to fix this problem and get back to my work