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    Opinion: Adobe / Macromedia Servers

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      Now, I love Coldfusion and am falling in love with Flex, however, all these
      servers are becoming a problem.

      Why does Adobe/Macromedia make it so difficult for a average developer (or
      small business) to get into one of its new languages? The cost alone is a
      killer. With Coldfusion server costing about $7k and Flex Data Services
      costing $15k (so I've read) and not to mention Flash Media Server and Flash

      How can the languages spread to become dominate when the servers just to run
      the thinks can cost $20k plus.

      PHP offers a free server to allow a computer to be able to understand and
      display it properly and even Microsoft offer the .NET framework so a server
      can also display it correctly. I am guessing that this is why those two are
      dominate in the market and Coldfusion is still more of a cult language (to
      which I am a member).

      I always found it difficult to justify all the great things a clients web
      site will do for them when I have to tack on an extra $7k to the project
      just so they can run it.

      I seriously hope that Adobe / Macromedia will lift the ban in the EULA and
      let hosting companies offer Flex server to the masses someday soon. I am
      having a hard time figuring out why I am taking the time to learn a new
      language when all I can do is run it on my laptop locally.

      Will there ever be time when Adobe / Macromedia's great languages will be
      available on a low cost or open source server so many more people can
      discover how great these languages and technologies can be?

      Wally Kolcz
      Developer / Support

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          With Flex 2, no servers are required (the web server of course). The framework is free, the compilers are free and Flex Builder is not required. It is hard to get much cheaper than that.

          FDS is not required. You can choose to implement functionality in a way that requires servers, like CF. But you can also implement the same functionality using JSP or ASP.net, which will run under IIS or your J2EE web server.

          Hosting Flex is becoming moot as no server is required with Flex 2. I don't know what the EULA will say regarding hosting of FDS, do you?

          Flex 2 is the ticket, you can't get cheaper than free.

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            So, then, if there is no need for a server, what is the point of Flex Data
            Services Server? Can you connect and display information dynamically
            without it?

            So on my web server, I will be able to post and display Flex's mxml pages?

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              Ok, maybe I am retared when it comes to all the servers and what each does.
              I have the coldfusion MX7 server to do Coldfusion.

              What I want to do is to create flex applications that use CFCs to connect to
              my MySQL databases.

              I am going to need my Flex applications to create, read, update and delete
              (CRUD) tables of my MySQL database and be able to display the results of
              various queries.

              What do I all need to do that?

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                well there is a example of flex integration with mysql,,, it will surely help u ..

                here is the link for it ..
                but when u try the things.. do post them,, cause am not aware about coldfusion stuffs.. so do tell the tricks if u apply on the different ways..

                The application allows you to remotely manage a MySql database.

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                  "Can you connect and display information dynamically
                  without it?"

                  ABSOLUTELY. The Flex framework includes what is now called "RPC" functionality, whic is the familiar old HTTPService, Webservice and RemoteObject data service protocols.

                  Why do you want to use Coldfusion? Weren't you complaining about the cost? If you want to use CF, then you will need the CF server. I do not know CF myself, but I do know that Adobe spent a lot of time working to get the Flex/CF integration working well.

                  If you do not want the CF server, then either use dot.net or jsp, or java, depending on whether your web server is IIS or J2EE.

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                    I already invested the money in the Coldfusion MX 7 server a while ago,
                    since they is NO workaround for that. lol

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                      Ok then, to make it easier, what type of projects would you need to invest
                      in the FDS server. Everyone seems to mention chat applications. If you were
                      to do video chat would you need FDS and Flash Media Server?

                      What about Flash Remoting Server?