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    Installing Adobe Acrobat 7 on  XP machine


      I'm using software which I developed in the days of the XP machine.  I've purchased Adobe Acrobat 7 professional and install it either o a machine which I no longer possess or on the one I'm using at the moment again occasionally but on which the hard drive was reformatted.  I did the installation and the install software is happy with the name and Serial number but when it comes to the activation it does not even allow me to enter an activation key.   First error is that the server is not available and I must retry and if that does not work then the software will be usable but only for 30 days and then an activation key will be required.  This also does not work.  You can't activate it and the software does not run.  I also don't know if Acrobat 7 is compatible with Windows XP.  How does one go about to de-activate the original installation and re-activate it again on another machine?