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    Conditional anchored images with Figure captions not renumbering correctly


      I am working in InDesign CC creating a book with multiple conditions. [This is an instruction manual for 3 different versions of a machine]. I have conditional anchored images with captions including Figure numbers (i.e. Figure 3-1, Fig. 3-2, etc) for each machine. When I toggle on one condition only, the figure numbers do not flow consecutively. InDesign still recognizes the hidden image figure numbers in the captions, and so what is visible is Fig. 2, then Figure 5, then Figure 8,etc. When I show all conditions, then all of the images' captions are in numeric order.  I have updated all numbers in the Book panel.


      Am I trying to do something that is not possible? Is there a better way to use conditional objects with captions? Thanks for your help!