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    Problem encoding graphic slate from AE into a .m2t using AME

    StormyCPb Level 3

      Hi, the AME forum is really quiet so thought I'd try here (hope that's ok!).


      I'm trying to encode a graphics slate created in AE (exported as a QT (animation codec), which will import into a Telvue broadcast server. In the past the slates were done in ppt, then exported as a wmv and converted into a .m2t using Cisco's AnyRes (I know, not how I would usually do it!), below are the encoding settings in Cisco AnyRes that work with the broadcast server that I need to emulate in AME, below that are the settings I'm currently trying in AME but when importing the graphic slate, it shows in the preview only (a black screen on output), and at the bottom is a comparison between the two files, the left works in the system, the right failed, am I missing something?:







      Worked - TV Everywhere Video Did Not Work - File  - "Takedown 4-3_136AR_Interlower.m2t"
      Media Type:Video Media Type:Video
      Created:03/08/2016 at 02:18PM Created:06/01/2016 at 03:59PM
      Last Modified:03/08/2016 at 02:18PM Last Modified:06/01/2016 at 03:59PM
      Play Count:0 Play Count:0
      Size:6.7 MB Size:4.7 MB
      Format:M2T (MPEG-2) Format:M2T (MPEG-2)
      Duration:0:00:10 Duration:0:00:10
      Status:Available Status:Available
      Owner:psgadmin (Admin, PSG) Owner:psgadmin (Admin, PSG)
      Private?No Private?No
      Mux Bit Rate:5.438404 Mbps Mux Bit Rate:3.599602 Mbps
      Variable Mux Rate:No Variable Mux Rate:No
      Video Bit Rate:5.0 Mbps Video Bit Rate:3.2 Mbps
      Frame Rate:29.97 fps Frame Rate:29.97 fps
      Video Resolution:720 x 480 Video Resolution:720 x 480
      Video Aspect Ratio:4:03 Video Aspect Ratio:4:03
      Random Access Supported:Yes Random Access Supported:Yes
      Audio Type:MP2 Audio Type:MP2
      Audio Bit Rate:0.224 Mbps (224 Kbps) Audio Bit Rate:0.224 Mbps (224 Kbps)
      Audio Sampling Rate:48000 Hz Audio Sampling Rate:48000 Hz
      Audio Level: Audio Level: