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    Hyperlinks Breaking


      Hi All-

      Looking for any help, as this problem has caused myself and my team many many headaches.


      Problem: Hyperlinks are breaking at random when exporting Indesign Document/Book into an Interactive PDF.


      Situation: Working on a large catalog file (7 separate files, set up as a book) that we are trying to hyperlink so when clicking on X on page 5, it takes you to pg 232 to view X more in detail. We've set up the file, and when we go to export the file as an interactive PDF it's breaking the links.

      If it helps, we have each packages section in one folder.
      While we work from a server, we're pulling down to a desktop to generate the PDF as to not exploit the server bandwidth. It seems to be that when we're pulling down from the server to a desktop, this is when the links are breaking.

      I have to assume that something so trivial and I would also assume common across many companies, wouldn't break so easily...

      Any insights/ideas/support would be appreciated!!