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    Footer text shifting between pages


      Hi there, I searched around and couldn't find anything that matched my issue.


      I'm using InDesign CS6 and I'm having an issue with elements shifting between pages when I use Master pages.


      I've set up a Master Page for a folio document and I created text to go into the footer. For the first few pages the text stays where it's meant to, but on the fifth page it shifts ever-so-slightly up and stays there for the rest of the document. I haven't touched the text on the individual pages, this is all from the Master Page. If it was just for print I wouldn't be worrying about it, but it becomes quite noticeable in the digital format when you can flip between pages quickly and easily. I'm wanting to send through the PDF version of my folio to a prospective employer, and if they think I can't use Master pages to align content properly then I'm kinda boned.


      Has anyone else had an issue with this? Any way to stop it from happening?


      Thanks in advance for your help.  :-)

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. How is your footer done? Do you use Object Style and Paragraph Styles for text. This is a must.
          2. Do the footer get the Information from a text variable? This is recommended.
          3. Do you align to baseline grid? It would help to align text vertically.
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            Chad Chelius Adobe Community Professional

            In addition to what Willi said, make sure that the same master page is applied to all of the document pages for consistency. Also, is there any chance that the page size changes on some of the pages? Sometimes users will accidentally change this using the page tool and this could cause the problem that you are seeing. There's definitely something strange going on. I use this all the time.

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              One more thought... if all of the body pages are based on the same master page (or on duplicate master pages that are based on the parent master), then the only way this can happen is by overriding master page items.



              Reapply master items

              If you’ve overridden master items, you can restore them to match the master page. When you do this, the object’s attributes revert to their state on the corresponding master, and will once again update when you edit the master. The local copy of the object is removed, and the master item cannot be selected, as indicated by its dotted border. You can remove overrides for selected objects or all objects on a spread, but not across an entire document at once.

              • Do one of the following:


                • To remove master overrides from one or more objects, select objects that were originally master items. In the Pages panel, target a spread and choose Remove Selected Local Overrides in the Pages panel menu.
                • To remove all master overrides from a spread, in the Pages panel, target the spread (or master spread) from which you want to remove all master overrides. Choose Edit >Deselect All to make sure that no objects are selected. In the Pages panel, choose Remove All Local Overrides in the Pages panel menu.

              If you’ve detached master page objects, you cannot restore them to the master page; however, you can delete the detached objects and reapply the master to the page.

              If you reapply a master to a page that contains overridden master page objects, the objects with overrides are detached and all master page objects reapplied. This may result in two copies of some objects on the page. You’ll need to delete the detached objects to exactly match the look of the master.

                —Learn how to use master pages in InDesign