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    Rigging with Hands in Front?


      Hi you guys!  I've watched all the livestreams and really enjoyed them and learned a lot - but I've run into an issue with a character I'm working on.  I have a close up face, and I want the hands in front.  I wasn't sure I could accomplish it as the software might not like having an extra folder up to - but I decided to give it a shot anyway and see what happened.  What's happened is it doesn't like it, but I don't know if that's because it just won't, or that I'm missing a trick.


      I've got 6 different hand positions and I'd like to be able to drag them - but I must be doing something wrong because while they show up and the keystrokes trigger them properly, they won't drag.  Also I can't get the hair to do anything but be plastered to the back scenery so I've clearly done something wrong there, too -  but one problem at a time I guess   I didn't know what I might need to do a screen cap of but here is the file set up in photoshop - the eyes & mouth work perfectly.  Any tips are greatly appreciated!

      file names.PNG

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Hmmm - you should be able to do this. if you added a draggable handle onto the +hands group within CH (like https://youtu.be/qnMGlJg6x5w), they should drag. You could try adding a draggable handle to other areas - like the body - and see if that works?


          You'll want to put the rear hair inside the Fairy 3 folder - anything outside of that will be seen as a disconnected part, which is why it isn't moving. For example, you could make another group below the body called +RearHair. I'd also remove that black background.


          If it still isn't working, feel free to DM me the file (like a Creative Cloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive link) to your PSD...

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            oksamurai Employee Moderator

            Just to close this out, Elizabeth sent me the file and the biggest issue seemed to be how the hands weren't connected to anything - putting a bar (offscreen) between them helped bring them together and get them going. I also put the hair in a second folder and added a second Face behavior to it to also control it with head tracking.



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              bcpasnadersnips Level 1

              Thank you SO MUCH!  You star   I really appreciate it.